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Asti Tomsic
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Louis Tomsic



Reviews St. Michael School Sugar Sharks Run 2008

St. Michael School Sugar Sharks Run finish 2008
St. Michael School Sugar Sharks Run finish line 2008. Photo by Asti Tomsic.

Review by: Louis Tomsic

The 13th Annual St. Michael Sugar Sharks Run was held February 2 at 7A. The 10K and 2 mile runs attacted over 150 participants. The 2 mile course does a loop around the the Waialua Sugar Mill. The 10K & 2 milecourse start is at St. Michael's School parking lot on Goodale Avenue in Waialua. The 10K heads out to Mokuleaia after turning right passing through a long flat road out just past a monkey pod tree turning a round back to Waialua town, around Waialua Sugar Mill and finishes back at St. Michael's School parking lot.

St. Michael School Sugar Sharks Run finish line 2008
St. Michael School Sugar Sharks Run finish line encoragement 2008. Photo by Asti Tomsic.

This years course was slighly rainy and wet with small puddles for the last mile passing the sugar mill on an unimproved road.

The reward for finishing the race is one of the best breakfasts you can have on Oahu. There was freshly made smoothies made as much as you could drink that the kids loved. Fresh tangerines, apples, oranges, bannana's and pinapples were avaliable in trays. Coffee, Mountain Dew, Smoothies and water were avaliable for your thirst. Banana nut bread, pastries of all sorts, doughnuts and carrots were also avaliable. Power Bars were given out in the race packets. The t-shirt designes were excellent and designed by the students of the school. Much thought and concideration went into the planning of this race making it the best I have been to yet.

St. Michael School Sugar Sharks Run refreshements 2008.
St. Michael School Sugar Sharks Run refreshments 2008. Photo by Asti Tomsic.

The first annual course I remember running on dirt trails. On the 3rd annual 10K, it had rained the night before and everyone got so muddy from the trails slipping and slidding around that on the 4th annual run, the race course moved to being on all paved roads. It has remained unchanged since then. I am pround to say I have run each race for the past 13 years and this is the only North Shore race on Oahu that has managed to survive through the years and continue to get better.

The new principle of the school gave out a lot of medals to the winners. With her leadership, she is inspiring many children to take up sports and lead a healthy life style. I applaud her efforts to get many children to do the 2 mile race. The race volunteers were helpful handing out water at the half way point and with 1 mile to go in both races. The Honolulu Police Department motor cycle squad had 5 officers keeping the roads clear for the runners and everyone safe.

If you choose a 10K race to run next year, this is by far becoming one of the best on Oahu.

Last Updated: February 2, 2008