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Asti Tomsic
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Louis Tomsic



Reviews Bob and Rons 5K 2008

Bob & Rons 5K 2008 race start
Bob and Rons 5K 2008 race start. Ron Pate is far right. Photo by Tesh Teshema

By Louis Tomsic

Bob and Rons 5K is named after Bob Doleman and Ron Pate. Bob Doleman was one of the longest running presidents in the MPRRC history because of his great leadership. Ron Pate is one of the most experienced and most famous race directors on Oahu.

The race begins across from the back side of the Honolulu Zoo in between the 2 parking lots at Kapolani Park up Monsarat Drive doing 1 and 3/4 loops around Kapolani Park on the bike trail. If you are running on the street and Ron Pate sees you he will yell at you to get back on the bike path to be safe like today. Even when he is a runner,...he is still a race director that many people in the Hawaii community respect.

Todays race had great running conditions being cool and dry with little wind. the race was held on January 6 at 7A. John Simmonds (previous president) gave out the awards.

After the race there were excellent pastries and many different soda's to choose from. I was sad they were out of Mountain Dew and I had to settle for my second choice. Everyone seemed to enjoy the race.

Say goodbye to Tim and Kelly Noonan because after several years in Hawaii, they are moving to the East Coast. We wish them the best.

Bob and Rons 5K 2008 Asti Tomsic middle of the race having water
Bob and Rons 5K 2008 with Asti Tomsic after water stop. Photo by Tesh Teshema.

Last Updated: January 6 , 2008