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Asti Tomsic
Sales Team

Louis Tomsic



Reviews Balance Point Health Center

By Asti Tomsic

Michael Merrimer is the charismatic owner of Balance Point Health Center in Nu’uanu.

Michael loves what he does and it’s evident in his enthusiasm and the care he takes in his treatments. Each patient is unique and therefore has their treatment tailored to their specific needs. There are no such things as “same-ol-same-ol” massages here. Michael has a tailored entry survey where he diligently asks about the type of massage pressure (light, medium or deep) preferred, if there are any injuries or areas that are causing pain or if you have come today to simply have a relaxing massage.
Michael has been massaging for over 10 years and treats all types of patients from runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, elderly and the physically challenged.
He believes in treating the issue and taking care to treat minor irritations now before they turn in disabilities. It’s a pleasure to talk with a massage therapist who explains the techniques that he uses and most importantly why. It’s  a welcome surprise to learn that there is no need for painful shaitsu massage or grinding out the knots in the muscles and that there is a better alternative that has the same effect of relaxing the muscles and releasing the lactic and carbolic acids.

When I came to see Michael, I had a sore shoulder caused by improper posture while using my computer. Michael treated the soreness and even went the extra step of recommending ways I could stop the soreness from reoccurring, such as swapping the mouse to the other side of the computer and using it with the other hand for a while or investing in a track ball so that my shoulder would not have to strain all the time.

Michael’s studio is a gem in the heart of Nu’uanu. His studio décor was designed by Marlin Schell who has painted the 3 treatment rooms in gorgeously vivid colors that lift the spirit.

Balance Point has a state-of-the-art web-based appointment scheduling system that sends e-mail reminders with a vcal attachment that can be transferred directly into a phone or PDA calendar.

Last Updated: March 2, 2008